About Us

We love getting to know you all so here’s a bit about us!! We met in college while I (Ally) was at ODU and Tyler was at Kings Point (Usmma). Tyler was on a ship for his sea year in the port of Norfolk and we met on campus. We dated long distance once he returned to New York for school and continued “long distance” when he started his off shore job immediately after graduating. 

We spent almost 7 years living with Tyler’s schedule while he worked half of the year in the Gulf of Mexico. 3 kids and 2 pups later and we somehow did it all those years with Ty away from our family and me trying to hold the fort down by myself. After 2020 changed everyone’s lives including ours, Tyler was gone more and home less. We needed a change. Inspired by Emma’s beaded hanger I used for her welcome home outfit and all of her first holidays, when going to put one up for Layla one day, Tyler told me I needed to make them. 

I played around with the idea for months while Tyler was gone learning beadwork and making hangers. We came up with our name, sketched what we wanted for a logo, did all the legal work and our baby business was born. Tyler took the leap to come home permanently for the first time and I took the leap to launch our business. 

He does all the handy work and ensures nothing will break, and knots are tied tight! It’s 100% team work and we couldn’t do it without each other! We are amazed and thankful for all the love and everyone who is Hangin’ Around with us!! We are excited to get to know you all more