Crystal & Stone Meanings

Agate - Grounding, Nourishment and Stability

Angelite - Serenity, Peace, Connection with angels, and spirit guides

Amazonite - Truth, Harmony and Peace

Aurora - Bliss, Spiritual awakening, and Emotional strength

Black Crystals - Protection, transforming and Grounding

Black ONYX - Blocking Negativity, Patience and Determination

Chalcedony - Stability and Balance

Hematite - Courage, Inner strength and Grounding

Jade - Abundance and Wellbeing

Jasper - Strength, Honesty, and Stability

Larvikite - Discernment, Clarity, Protection and Patience

LEOPARDSKIN - Clears the insecurity and fears, Healing energy and Personal growth

Moonstone - Intuition, Inner work, and Patience

Moss Agate - Calming, Emotional balance, Hope, and Patience

Obsidian - Highly protective stone, relieves pain and dissolves emotional blocks

Opal - Releasing attachments and Emotional amplification

Pearl - Self-care, Nurturing and Emotional healing

Queen Conch Shell - Power stone, enhance maternity as a protection for easy delivery and child treasures

Rhodonite - Purpose, Generosity and Contribution

Rose Quartz - Love, Trust and Emotional healing

Sunstone - enhance your creativity, your love life, work and encourages you to dream bigger

Tigers Eye - Power, courage and understanding

Tridacna - Stabilize mood, eliminate worry and balance mental and physical states

Volcanic Lava Rock - Strength, power and support for periods of change